Incarcerated Weddings

Incarcerated weddings are possible in the state of Kansas. Kansas has a provision, called a Single Proxy Marriage, that allows an incarcerated individual to marry without being physically present for the ceremony. Kansas allows 3rd party representation, or designated proxy, to stand in for individuals not physically present. This allows a marriage ceremony to occur, which is legally binding and recognized in all US states.

The process is intensive and Weddings by Proxy is here to assist you throughout every step. Pastor Nancy has performed countless incarcerated weddings. Once you fill out the initial form, she will contact you and get to know your situation. Then she will guide you through identifying and submitting the proper state required forms.


The Kansas approval process does take a little bit of time; however, once approval is received the incarcerated wedding can occur immediately if the individual incarcerated is in a Kansas prison. If not, the non-incarcerated individual must travel to Kansas and remain in Kansas for a minimum of 4 days prior to the wedding ceremony. Kansas does not require either individual to be a Kansas resident. The only requirement is that ONE of the individuals be present within the state during the wedding.

Some couples, trying to navigate the incarcerated wedding process on their own, have run into issues. Many states no longer perform proxy marriages for in-state inmates, which can be frustrating. Some couples feel like giving up after trying to contact prison authorities or locate the appropriate state departments for forms and approvals. That is where Weddings by Proxy comes in to assist.

Weddings by Proxy has been performing incarcerated weddings, military weddings, and non-resident weddings for years. Pastor Nancy has experience in proxy weddings and has been helping couples navigate the prison and state systems successfully for a long time. To get Wedding by Proxy helping you make the incarcerated wedding process simple and easy, you start by filling out our contact form and giving us a little information about your situation.

Take a look at our "How it Works" page and then contact us. Together we can make your wedding plans a reality.