Military Weddings

A military wedding is possible even if you and/or your partner is deployed. As long as one of you is in the state of Kansas, or can get to Kansas for the ceremony, you can get legally married with a military proxy wedding. You do not have to be a resident of the state of Kansas.

Once you have filled out and submitted the initial contact form, your military wedding can become a reality. Weddings by Proxy has been performing military proxy weddings for active duty military personnel for years. We will contact you to gain an understanding of your situation and then work with you and on your behalf to get all the legal requirements handled.


The entire process takes about 3 weeks from the time that we receive all of the state required, completed forms and documentation to the time we receive an official marriage certificate from the state of Kansas. In some cases, this process can be expedited.  Once the military wedding ceremony is performed and the official marriage certificate is filed, your marriage is legal and recognized by every state and all branches of the military.

A proxy military wedding is appropriate for when both couples are active duty military, when one person is active duty and the other is a civilian, or when the active duty individual is currently or is in the process of being deployed and the wedding needs to occur quickly. A proxy wedding can be performed for same-sex couples and is legally binding and recognized by all branches by every state.

Our fee for a proxy military wedding includes:

  • Access to all required forms
  • Assistance in the entire process including properly filling out forms
  • Authorized proxy stand-in for the ceremony
  • Telephone and email communication
  • 2 certified copies of the official marriage certificate
  • Chapel location for ceremony or attendance at your preferred Kansas location

Optional services like bouquets and photography can be added to make the ceremony special despite the distance. Once the ceremony is complete and you are legally wed, you can file for military spousal benefits.

Our initial consultation is FREE. You can read through How it Works and then fill out the form on our Contact page to begin the process for your proxy military wedding.