Proxy Weddings in Kansas

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Proxy-Wedding-March Blog 740731464
A proxy wedding, also known as a proxy marriage or a proxy ceremony, is a type of marriage ceremony in which one party is not physically present. Instead, they are represented by proxies, who stand in for them during the wedding ceremony and exchange vows on their behalf. A proxy wedding is often conducted for various reasons, including when one party is unable to attend the ceremony due to military deployment, imprisonment, or other unavoidable circumstances. Proxy weddings can be a practical solution for couples who are unable to be physically present for their wedding ceremony due to extenuating circumstances.

The possibility of a proxy wedding for someone in prison would only depend on if they did not have someone to sign the affidavit for them, which rarely happens. Pastor Nancy has performed proxy marriages for incarcerated individuals in 25 different states, and none of the licenses have ever been rejected. A proxy wedding can be performed inside of the jail – however Pastor Nancy must attend and perform a marriage in any jail or prison once they give her authorization to come in and do an actual wedding ceremony with the two participants present. The process of conducting a proxy wedding for someone in prison would typically involve signing the required affidavit giving permission to have the proxy marriage performed in their absence. Also, they do not need to designate a person, Pastor Nancy will pick them unless the individual would like to bring someone with them, family or friend. Or witnesses can be provided part of the service. There is never a “ceremony” performed with a proxy wedding – it is all done through paperwork at the courthouse. Here’s a general overview of how it might work:
  • Legal Research: First, it’s essential to research the laws and regulations regarding proxy marriages in the relevant jurisdiction. This includes understanding whether proxy marriages are permitted, the specific requirements for such marriages, and any limitations or restrictions that may apply.
  • Authorization: The individual in prison who wishes to participate in the proxy wedding would need to seek authorization from the prison authorities. This may involve submitting a formal request explaining the circumstances and seeking permission to participate in the wedding ceremony.
  • Proxy Designation: The individual in prison would need to designate a proxy, typically someone they trust and who is willing to stand in for them during the wedding ceremony. The proxy may be a friend, family member, or legal representative.
  • Documentation: Both parties involved in the wedding (the individual in prison and the proxy) would need to provide the necessary documentation required by the jurisdiction to validate the marriage. This may include identification documents, marriage license applications, and any other paperwork required by local authorities.
  • Ceremony Arrangements: Once the necessary permissions and documentation are in place, arrangements can be made for the wedding ceremony. Depending on the specific circumstances, the ceremony may take place at the prison facility, a courthouse, or another location approved by the authorities.
  • Proxy Participation: During the ceremony, the proxy stands in for the individual in prison and participates in the wedding rituals and vows on their behalf. The proxy may be required to sign legal documents or make statements confirming their role in the marriage.
  • Legalization and Registration: After the ceremony, any required paperwork, such as marriage certificates or licenses, would need to be completed and submitted to the appropriate authorities for legalization and registration. This ensures that the marriage is legally recognized.
Weddings by Proxy is here to guide you through the legal process of marriage when your situation makes traditional marriage difficult or impossible. A single proxy wedding can only be performed in the state of Kansas with one of the couples being present here in the state of Kansas with the pastor. Contact us today to learn more about a proxy wedding by calling (913) 244-8528.

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