Who is Weddings by Proxy?

Weddings by Proxy is a company that is dedicated to helping couples obtain an official US Marriage license when circumstances are not in their favor. Our location in Overland Park, Kansas, gives us the unique ability to facilitate Proxy Marriages that must happen in the State of Kansas. Pastor Nancy helps individuals with all different scenarios!

A proxy wedding can be performed when both parties cannot attend in-person. The state of Kansas allows proxy representation, where a 3rd party is given legal authority to represent or stand in for someone else. In the state of Kansas, you CAN be legally married as long as one of you is physically present for the ceremony. The other can attend via proxy and there are NO residency requirements. Your individual situation could be due to military deployment, incarceration, international or travel restrictions due to health, or other situations. These proxy weddings are also available to same sex couples. Let’s go over the most common situations Weddings by Proxy encounters:

·        Military Weddings: A military wedding is possible even if you and/or your partner are deployed. As long as one of you is in the state of Kansas, or can get to Kansas for the ceremony, you can get legally married with a military proxy wedding. You do not have to be a resident of the state of Kansas for this to happen. Weddings by Proxy has been performing military proxy weddings for active-duty military personnel for years. The entire process takes about 3 weeks from the time that we receive all completed forms and documentation, to the time we receive an official marriage certificate from the state of Kansas. Once the military wedding ceremony is performed and the official marriage certificate is filed, your marriage is legal and recognized by every state and all branches of the military. A proxy military wedding is utilized when both couples are active-duty military, when one person is active duty and the other is a civilian, or when the active-duty individual is currently or is in the process of being deployed and the wedding needs to occur quickly.
·        Non-Resident Weddings: Non-resident weddings, performed by proxy, have become more popular in the last few years. Kansas is one of the few states that allows 3rd party representation for marriages and does not place restrictions on residency. That is why Kansas has become the place for US and foreign citizens wanting to obtain a legally binding marriage certificate. There are requirements the state of Kansas places on a single proxy marriage ceremony; ONE person must physically be present in the state for a minimum of 4 days, and ONE person must physically be present for the ceremony. You can expect the entire process to take 3-6 weeks to complete the paperwork and receive approval. A proxy, non-resident wedding, makes getting married easier for couples separated by Governmental red-tape or long distances. Since the proxy wedding is legally binding and recognized by every state, all branches of the Military, and most countries of the world, it is the perfect solution for all types of US resident and non-resident couples.

·        Incarcerated Weddings: Incarcerated weddings are possible in the state of Kansas. Kansas has a provision, called a single proxy marriage, that allows an incarcerated individual to marry without being physically present for the ceremony. The process is intensive, and Weddings by Proxy is here to assist you throughout every step. Pastor Nancy has performed countless incarcerated weddings. The Kansas approval process does take a little bit of time; however, once approval is received the incarcerated wedding can occur immediately if the individual incarcerated is in a Kansas prison. If not, the non-incarcerated individual must travel to Kansas and remain there for 4 days prior to the wedding. Kansas does not require either individual to be a Kansas resident, the only requirement is that ONE of the individuals be present within the state during the wedding.

Pastor Nancy, owner/founder of Weddings by Proxy and KC Weddings 2 Go, is a leader in the wedding industry with decades of experience helping people navigate the complex proxy wedding process. There are some that offer a proxy wedding using methods that are not compliant with the proxy wedding laws in Kansas. You can trust that a proxy wedding, performed by Pastor Nancy, will meet all state requirements, be legally binding, and affordable. To start planning a proxy wedding with Wedding by Proxy follow these easy steps:
  1. Gather personal information for both of you.
  2. Fill out the form on our Contact page. Once we receive the form, Pastor Nancy will contact you to review your information, get to know your situation, and explain the process.
  3. Legal forms and applications must be filled out. Pastor Nancy will provide a code for you to use to access these forms on the Weddings by Proxy website. She will help you through the process of providing the necessary information and getting the forms submitted to the appropriate state departments.
  4. Receive approvals and set the date. Weddings by Proxy has a Chapel located in Overland Park, Kansas where the ceremony can be performed, or you can discuss other location option with Pastor Nancy. Once the approvals are received the ceremony can occur.
With the help of Pastor Nancy, Weddings by Proxy makes the overwhelming and often confusing process simple and easy. It all begins when you submit the contact form! Weddings by Proxy is here to guide you through the legal process of marriage when your situation makes traditional marriage difficult or impossible. Contact us today to learn more by calling (913) 244-8528.

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